Android Apk ͙WORMS v2.0.7

͙ Description ͙ Run cover original, award-winn turn-based strategy WORMS™ hits Store! ͙ a selection of sle player battles, up 4 player mulplayer mode plenty of wa customise team, Worms™ high entertainment replay value! ͙ •Ahenc Worms™ play. ͙ •Honed iPhone control stem. ͙ •Cartoon-style visuals comi audio. ͙ •Plan attacks Sheep, Holy H Grenade Banana Bomb! ͙ •50 challenges, items unlock. ͙ •6 environments, each random battlefields, no two s are same! ͙ •Personalise team names, voices gravestones. ͙ •Custom music support. ͙ •Ao-saves state exit. ͙ 's Version 2.0.7 ͙ - Five speech-banks! (inc. Special-Ops, Fighter Pilot & Sub Commander). ͙ - ts Mode Golden Donkey Level Skip! (available - purchases). ͙ - Center compatibility featur leaderboards achievements. ͙ - Facebook integration allow progress be displayed Facebook Ticker. ͙ ͙ Download Links : ͙ ͙ ͙[CrackLords].ipa.html Download Android Apk ͙WORMS v2.0.7 VIA Hotfile Download Android Apk ͙WORMS v2.0.7 VIA Mediafire

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