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Zombies, Run! v1.1 ͙ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | Android 2.2 up ͙ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | Zombies, Run! an ultra-immersive runn audio adventure ͙ ͙ ͙ tie shoes, p headphones, take first steps side. ’ve barely covered 100 yards when hear m. y must be close. hear every gtural breath, every rattl groan - y’re everywhere. Zombies. re’s th : Run! ͙ Zombies, Run! an ultra-immersive runn audio adventure, co-created award-winn novelist Naomi Alderman. deliver story straight headphones through orders voice records - when get back home, use supplies ’ve ed while runn build grow base. ͙ BBC - “ way save self run real.” ͙ WIRED - “ style of Runkeeper, an excit undead twist.” ͙ LIFEHACKER - “A really cool way get side exercise.” ͙ CNN - “Turns exercise into a - a terrify, terrify .” ͙ NPR - "It gets mov!" ͙ .COM - "Takes of a zombie funnels it into a fitness ." ͙ PLAYERS SAY: ͙ “Evaded zombie mobs :-) of my best sprints ever; t works!” ͙ “T will sat. Perfect junction beten design run tracker.” ͙ “Just tried @zombiesrun first my life I feel truly alive.” ͙ WALK, JOG, RUN ANYWHERE ͙ Zombies, Run! works anywhere at any speed. jog a park, run along a beach, walk along a trail. ͙ ARE RUNNER 5 ͙ Hundreds of lives are counng . 've got rebuild base from a few shiver survivors into a fied beacon of civilization by criti supplies avoid rov zombie hordes. save m learn trh ab zombie apoypse? ͙ A WORLD OF STORIES ͙ 30 missions over 40 runs worth of play, become hero an epic story of humanity’s struggle survival where runn *really* matters - re’s a deeper mtery be uncovered ll... ͙ OWN MIX ͙ Choose own custom playlists bee start runn: story unfolds beten tracks through a series of dynamic radio messages voice records. ͙ INTERVAL TRAIN - ZOMBIES ͙ our optional ‘Zombie Chases’ mode, ’ll need increase speed work up a sat if hear zombies tail. ’s right - ’ve made interval train **! ͙ VIEW RUNS ONLINE ZOMBIELINK ͙ Register our free ZombieLink view share runs online, complete maps (com very soon), full run tory, ability ‘play back’ zombie chases see how much faster ran when liv dead re right behind ! ͙ KEEP SURVIVORS ALIVE ͙ aomatily items medicine, batteries, ammo while runn - b when 're back home, who needs m more: soldiers doctors? Which builds need extra defenses? It’s up - bigger base, more missions play. ͙ NOTES ͙ - Version 0.9 comes 23 missions, 7 supply missions be released an upcom update ͙ - Requires Android 2.2 above ͙ - Connued use of GPS runn background dramatily decrease battery life. ͙ COM SOON ͙ - Codex ͙ - Playlist shuffle ͙ - Run logs device ͙ - GPS map view ZombieLink ͙ - Improved permance ͙ - Better sound ͙ - Radio transmissions ͙ - Yet more missions! ͙ 's t version: ͙ : ͙ - Seven supply missions play again again ͙ - Review runs - missions screen, choose "Run Logs" from menu ͙ Fixed: ͙ - Several bugs crashes fixed, includ Jelly Bean TTS bug, "no more radio" crash ͙ Note: If update from v0.93 - no need download sd files, i same ͙ /> ͙ ͙ ͙ Download: ͙ http://ul./k33saqlj ͙ ͙ ͙ ͙ SD files: (sdcard/Android/obb) ͙ http://ul./s0xrqcj7 ͙ ͙ Download Android Apk ͙Zombies, Run! v1.1 VIA Hotfile Download Android Apk ͙Zombies, Run! v1.1 VIA Mediafire

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