Android Apk ͙The Curse v1.0.2

txorC.jpg ͙ mterious figure ears from behind a burst of smoke, voice deep taunng… ͙ realization of 've done suddenly hits. Upon activat book 've unleashed an ancient curse unwitngly released Mannequin: a mischievous adversary who la a challenge bee . ͙ "Solve pages of t very book, undo have accidentally done. Hover, success highly unlikely…" ͙ Unleash Curse! ͙ Tackle 100 unique puzzles order of choos quest banish Mannequin. ͙ Challenge logic, memory reflex skills over 10 puzzle categories. ͙ Overcome Mannequin’s fiendish trials come face--face him through numerous interactive cscenes. ͙ Unravel mtery by earn cogs gain access book’s secret compartment solve cryptic final puzzle. ͙ updates, engag ekly riddles, more ab Curse universe, visit us at follow us Facebook Twitter! ͙ 's t version : (Updated : ) ͙ Fix some hint purchase related issues. ͙ Required Android O/S : 2.2+ ͙ play: ͙ ͙ ͙ Download: ͙ ͙

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