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Fast Reboot Pro v3.7.jpg ͙ Requipments: Android 1.5 up ͙ Description: Simulates a reboot thus frees up memory - phone will be much snier! ͙ - Select processes should be excluded from be restarted/closed! ͙ - Schedule aomatic fast reboots (e.g. every at 4am) ͙ - Option aomatily fast reboot when unlock device (from standby) ͙ - Comes a widget a direct shortc instantly start a reboot ͙ Simulates a reboot by clos/restarng core user processes (configurable) thus frees up memory. phone should be much snier after us Fast Reboot Pro. ͙ Fast Reboot Pro now includes an option aomatily perm a "fast reboot" every unlock device (i.e. when turn it back from sleep "slide" unlock). T way, phone will _alwa_ be fast responsive possible! addition, now schedule a fast reboot phone fast rebooted aomatily at a certain each (configured by , e.g. 4am when 're least likely be us phone) ͙ Want perm a fast reboot when battery drops below 30%, when leave work? Download free Fast Reboot plugin integrate Loe / Tasker: ͙ If don't see widget widget-list, please move back phone's internal memory (Setngs, lication Setngs, Fast Reboot Pro, Move Phone). T a limitation of Android stem which I untunately have no control over! ͙ 's t version: ͙ v3.7: ͙ - Added possibility define ao-reboot intervals (e.g. reboot every 20 mines) ͙ - Added a "Safe-Mode" "Aoreboot screen /off"-feature, which enable case ao-reboot feature stops work intermittently ͙ - Improved reliability of exclude-feature ͙ - Added high-res version of default widget-icon ͙ - Help-menu pages now be flicked back th ͙ play: ͙ ͙ ͙ Download: ͙ ͙

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