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unnamed.jpg ͙ Current Version: ͙ Requires Android: 2.1 up ͙ Category: Tools ͙ V3.0.0.692 update: ͙ Bug Fixes ͙ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | ͙ Security, anvirus, anft protection won’t slow Android down. ͙ Norton™ Mobile Security Lite protects mobile device against loss, ft malware. Norton lends its an-malware, an virus, security experse mobile. life important Stuff phone. Keep it safe Norton™ Mobile Security Lite Android. ͙ FREE ANMALWARE PROTECTION eliminates viruses malware bee y infect phone: ͙ • Aomatic anvirus scan downloaded s updates protect against threats ͙ • Detects removes mobile security threats cybercriminals use steal personal info, spam ts, take control of phone ͙ • Option of scann SD card (Secure Digital) data threats when inserted into phone advanced virus protection ͙ REMOTE LOCK allows remotely lock phone if it lost stolen: ͙ • Remotely place a security lock phone a simple t message thieves ’t access info run up bill ͙ • Protects private inmation from pry eyes case device lost stolen ͙ ALWA FAST easy use, Norton Mobile Security Lite won’t slow down: ͙ • Download install security just a few clicks ͙ • Seamlessly checks any updates available every ek most up--date protection ͙ • Won’t use up phone’s resources slow down b brows ͙ • Won’t drain battery life ͙ Upgrade full version additional, essenal security features includ: ͙ AN-FT AN-LOSS PROTECTION allows remotely locate, lock wipe phone if it’s lost stolen: ͙ • Find my Phone – Phone Locator! Norton help locate miss lost phone us GPS track return a location us Google Maps ͙ • Enable an instant SIM lock phone if SIM card removed prevent a thief from us anor card ͙ • Remote wipe phone of data case of loss ft – sure no access important inmation ab identy, contacts, possibly bank credenals hard-earned cash ͙ • ! “Scream” locator lets send a t miss phone sets off a “scream” alarm, find it fast ͙ B PROTECTION provides a privacy guard helps protect personal inmation: ͙ • Blocks fraudulent ph bsites created by cybercriminals obtain personal inmation could be used steal identy ͙ L BLOCK T BLOCK allows have peace of mind ( peace quiet) mobile device porful spam blocker features: ͙ • Block ls, block numbers, block t messages block spam, keep phone safe secure ͙ Protect identy, personal life peace of mind Norton Mobile Security. Trust br know keep safe. ͙ Don’t get find us Facebook: ͙ follow us Twitter: ͙ Stem Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | ͙ Operat stem: ͙ Android™: 2.2 later ͙ Device requirements: ͙ Android™ 2.2 1.8 MB of storage ͙ Works Android™ phones tablets ͙ Keywords: phone locator, phone locate, an virus protection, anvirus android, anvirus free, phone lock, free security s, security lock, security alarm, malware protection, block ls, block numbers, block t messages, block sms messages, block sms ls, l blocker, remote lock, look mobile security, privacy guard, an ft alarm, find phone, phone finder. Compeng s include: avg, look, netqin, broot, bitdefender, mcafee, eset, avast, trend micro, kaspersky ͙ play: ͙ ͙ ͙ Download: ͙ ͙

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