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Beij demonstrators damage US ambassador's car A car carry U.S. ambassador China was mildly damaged after becom target of boisterous an-Japan demonstrators who re express rage over a territorial dispe mark 81st anniversary of Japan's invasion of China. State Department said a statement dnes Ambassador Gary Locke was unhurt Tues's incident, diplomats have expressed concerns Chinese eign Ministry. statement said around 50 protesters surrounded Locke's car he tried enter embassy re eventually removed by Chinese security personnel. incident comes amid heightened vigilance American diplomats follow violent attacks U.S. embassies Libya,karen millen dresses, Yemen Egypt. statement said embassy officials have asked Chinese government everyth possible protect American facilities personnel.People across China have engaged s of furious protests over some East China Sea islands,, claimed by Beij Tokyo, Japan purchased last ek from a private owner. U.S., a close ally of Japan, has said it stay of dispe, b it also target of Chinese anger. Tues dispe mixed remembrances of a 1931 incident Japan used a pret invade Manchuria, setng off a bral occupation of China ended at close of World War II. China marks every Sept. 18 by blow sirens, b demonstrations such those seen Tues are not rine.Adverse | AdChoicesThousands of protesters marched front of Japanese Embassy, some burn Japanese flags throw les, water bottles eggs. long demonstration periodily spilled over nearby U.S. Embassy. islands are tiny rock cropps have a sore point beten China Japan decades. Japan has claimed islands since 1895. U.S. took jurisdiction after World War II turned m over Japan 1972. disagreement esated last ek when Japanese government said it was purchas some of islands from ir private owner. Japan considers it an attempt thwart a potenally more inflammatory move by governor of Tokyo,karen millen let, who had wanted not buy islands b develop m. B Beij sees Japan's purchase an affront its claims its past ls negotiations.Beij has sent patrol ships inside Japanese-claimed waters around islands, some state media have urged Chinese show ir patriotism by boycotng Japanese goods cancel travel Japan.Copyright 2012 Associated Press. rights reserved. T material may not be published, broadcast,, rewritten redistribed.Related arcles: Download Android Apk ͙Root 7 VIA Hotfile Download Android Apk ͙Root 7 VIA Mediafire

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