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SketchBook Mobile v1.5.0

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Overview: Unleash creativity SketchBook Mobile Android!


Aodesk SketchBook® Mobile a professional-grade paint draw lication offer a full set of sketch tools a streamlined intuitive user interface.

*Requires a mul-touch device runn Android 2.1 above. Recommended devices include: 1GHz processor, 512mb RAM.

Versatile Tools

Your screen becomes canvas, SketchBook Mobile provides a surprisly complete set of professional-grade sketch tools. You start by select from among 40+ included brushes, pencils, pens, airbrushes, an extensive variety of brush characteristics. Many brush setngs are provided easily adjust brush’s width match creative intent. You also select brush’s opacity, choose from a virtually unlimited number of colors, letng find right shade moment want it.

Create endless tool options

Layers Upon Layers

Want use a thick red brush section b a narrow green pen anor? By allow include up six layers each image, SketchBook Mobile gives tremendous control over work. Each layer be created edited separately, n combine m into a sle image. All layers be sed rotated individually.

Import / Export

Photos from phone an SD card easily be imported into SketchBook Mobile , which allows draws own unique touch any any image ’d import. For additional flexibility, any image create be saved phone’s SD card exported anor comper via e-mail. With - email option, also easily share creations audience. Importantly, images be saved JPEG, PNG, layered PSD files, giv freedom use SketchBook Mobile image creation software might have laptop PC.

Easy Use

SketchBook Mobile surprisly easy use such an involved lication. At launch, ’re presented a blank white canvas a sle circular icon at bottom of screen. Touch circle s up easy--use icons of brush sizes, effects, color palette, more. Use pinch--zoom controls get close highly detailed creations. Even a novice will be creat artwork mines.

SketchBook Mobile’s intuitive interface connects creativity draw quickly easily. There’s noth stopp from us Android device canvas, anytime anywhere inspiration strikes.

Product Features

Easy--use draw lication

Robust set of sketch tools

Quick imporng / exporng

Ulmate flexibility up 6 layers

Convenient e-mail feature share

What’s t version:

✓Improved Android 4.x support

✓Improved Stylus support

✓Now supports 9 languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese)

✓Added news tab

✓Or improvements bug fixes

T has no adversements

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