Android Apk ͙Starship Commander 1.05

Requires Android: 2.1 up ͙ ͙ V1.05 update: ͙ Version 1.05 ͙ - mode: Chaos Rise. Designed advanced players, makes enemies much stronger. Any purchase unlocks Chaos Rise be activated profile menu. Recommended if bought high-end upgrades already finished . ͙ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | ͙ Free space shooter fight epic battles galaxy stop alien invaders. ͙ Starship Commander a fast-paced top-down perspective shoot’em’up action . Required skills are more than fast reactions memoris enemy attack patterns. player must also have strategy skills equip proper upgrades use ropriate skills dur specific missions. ͙ —– ͙ would reciate help Starship Commander’s development! Please feel free contact us, if have any techni issues suggestions how improve gam experience! Send us an email because cannot respond of messages. Thank ! Our email address : ͙ —– ͙ Starship Commander features*: ͙ - 7 different alien races 100+ unique enties fight ͙ - 90+ missions 16 unlockable galaxies 3 difficulty levels ͙ - ability change apons use active skills dur missions ͙ - 3+ fully customizable starships 120+ upgrades (includ turrets special modules) ͙ - huge alien bosses ͙ - connuously challeng survival mode infinite stages ͙ * T version of Starship Commander free try, hover at some point dur campaign, must purchase full version order finish . Some of listed features become available after full unlocked. ͙ —– ͙ Get bonuses unlock additional unique features by enter promotional codes . Visit our Facebook page more inmation! ͙ —– ͙ Troubleshoot Tips: ͙ - supports 2 ture modes, use HIGH devices resolion 480×800 above, use LOW anyth below. ͙ - If experience miss tures white screens dur , might have ran of ture memory. Try switch ture mode setng LOW / details setng DISABLED. ͙ - Turn sound music OFF options menu may increase permance slor devices. ͙ - When complete a transaction through Google Play, purchased item should ear immediately when return lication. If it doesn’t, go unlock menu, enter code “0000000001″. T will restore transactions have made through Google Play. (Requires Internet access.) ͙ —– ͙ play Tips: ͙ - LY (Light Year) currency purchas ship upgrades unlock galaxies venture th. Spend it wisely! ͙ - If ran of LY, finish accomplished missions again get more. Asteroid rich missions are especially good t purpose. ͙ - Rerunn a mission Hard difficulty increases LY gain. ͙ - Equipped turrets turret modifiers be switched any dur a mission. Equipped special modules be used active skills once within ir cooldown interval. Equipped upgrades are passively modify ship properes. ͙ - If find a mission too hard, finish anor mission first! may also change difficulty setng Easy specific mission. ͙ - Different enemies may require different strategies. Although a apon great amount of damage be efficient against large strong enemies, apons smaller damage b fast rate of fire could be better against smaller foes. ͙ ͙ ͙ Download Android Apk ͙Starship Commander 1.05 VIA Hotfile Download Android Apk ͙Starship Commander 1.05 VIA Mediafire

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