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Tablet Talk v1.5.2

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Overview: Tablet Talk – Message Tablet us Phone Number!


Tablet Talk THE comprehensive SMS tablets. Send receive t messages tablet us mobile number–just phone! Tablet Talk integrates nearly every feature from phone’s SMS , while also provid useful functions such Caller ID quick reply popups. It a “must have” a complete tablet experience.

Tablet Talk works by connect Android tablet phone over Bluetooth WiFi, allow t tablet anywhere anytime. At home? Just connect tablet phone WiFi network. At work road? Switch Bluetooth mode tablet SMS with an internet connection.

When receive a t, it instantly syncs tablet. When send a t from tablet, it instantly syncs phone, where it sent us mobile number. Even status updates sent SMS sync instantly tablet.

B ab when don’t have tablet? Whenever connect devices, Tablet Talk will aomatily sync any newly sent received ts tablet, ensur tablet’s inbox alwa up date!


INSTRUCTIONS: Install Tablet Talk both tablet phone ( only need purchase ONCE). Setup very simple, detailed instructions, troubleshoot, email support available from within . After initial setup, connect easy press a bton. Unless phone’s IP address (WiFi) changes change phones (Bluetooth), re no need run setup again. WiFi Bluetooth setngs are saved separately switch beten m seamless. And options ao-reconnect reduce need interact phone while us tablet.


FEATURES: Tablet Talk has too many features list, more alwa under development. Highlights include:

-Quick reply popup windows: just favorite phone SMS , quickly reply messages with exit ’re do!

-Caller ID popup notifications

-Fully functional SMS notifications

-Aomatily syncs contact names & photos from Gmail account

-Widget -click connect/disconnect

-Customize rtone & vibrate SMS Caller ID separately

-Share bsites, locations, links, & more us Android’s built “Share” option

-Emoticons :-)

… And many more!


SUPPORT: There a detailed help documentation section within , which includes instructions, FAQ, troubleshoot, more. Additional assistance available through email at If not receive an email response within 24 hours, please feel free resend. Thank !


If would try Tablet Talk, please note have a 48+ hour refund policy. If are not satisfied, simply send us an email a refund. Please include eir first last name order number. Refunds will be given within 24 hours. Thank !


MARKET ISSUES: If Market does not let install phone after purchas it tablet ( vice versa) n NOT try purchase it again! Please try follow:

1) Android Setngs->Applications->Manage lications

2) Select All tab

3) Scroll down select Market

4) Press clear cache bton

5) Reopen Market go “My s”

If it still does not work n email Do NOT try repurchase !

What’s t version:


-Improved Wifi permance.

-Fix duplicate sent messages.

-Changed missed l icon.

-Small fixes.

More Info:


Download: Released by chathu_ac

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