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ZPlayer.jpg ͙ Windows Phone 7 / Zune med media player Android OS. ͙ lcome ZPlayer a Windows Phone 7 / Zune med media player. Zplayer has become a favorite of many music enthusiasts, who want more than average music video player ir mobile devices. It ars a Windows Phone 7 / Zune me, keeps minimalistic user interface, b incorporates more features into lication than any Android music player available! ͙ ZPlayer offers: ͙ •Music album reviews, arst biographies, arst top tracks, top songs, top albums, similar arsts, similar albums, arst events*, song lyrics*, scrobbl, ‘now play’ status updates, ‘likes’ submissions ͙ •Video Audio podcasts stream downloads, podcast search, podcasts subscriptions, podcast resum. ͙ •Online radio stream ( metadata), radio search, radio favorites*** ͙ •Music library listen tory, Aomatic playlists (favorite songs, songs), playlist creation ͙ •ID3 Tag edit songs whole albums, album art edit*, ID3 tag inmation songs, cross-playlist add remov of tracks, ͙ •Video playback, editable ‘music videos’, ‘movies’ directories ͙ •Music ekly charts featur top arsts, top tracks, track favorites of community users ͙ •Browse albums sections not library even get album prices, 30 seconds audio samples of tracks, “Buy” links albums. ͙ •Audio Equalizer, Bass boost, Virtualizer, Aomatic EQ (based track genre) ** ͙ ZPlayer now fully supports ICS, Status Bar+, features 5 beaiful widgets, which different functionality. ͙ Cool features, includ arst background images panoramas, selectable background images (High memory devices) ͙ Zplayer supports, English, French, Italian Portuguese languages ͙ +Swip homescreen left/right shows 'current play' song listen tory. ͙ + jump 'now play' screen, use volume controls reveal music controls, n tap track arst name. ͙ * Feature under test, second wave update ͙ ++ if use a third party equalizer controls p mix media play device, disable it bee us t lication. T lication needs control its own audio effects. ͙ ** device sporng Android 2.3+ ͙ *** devices sporng Android 2.2+ ͙ play: ͙ ͙ ͙ Download: ͙ ͙

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