Android Apk ͙Conjure v1.1.0

͙ ͙ Description ͙ Conjure fastest, smartest launcher Android. Use it open s, ls, toggle wifi, adjust volume, much more. Search results are prioritized accord use favorite s contacts are alwa a ketroke away. Start typ watch magic hen. ͙ Features: ͙ * Find launch s ͙ * Find contacts by name number. l, view, sms contacts ͙ * Adjust Android's volume ͙ * Toggle wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode, silent mode, vibrate mode ͙ * device speak us t speech ͙ * Search b ͙ * Conjure results are prioritized by frequency of use ͙ * Devices a search bton: Long press search bton opens Conjure ͙ * Optional stem tray notification easy launch ͙ * 2 Widgets: ͙ - Conjure Search Widget ͙ - Conjure Search & tory Widget (Android 3.0+) ͙ * Optimized phones tablets ͙ Conjure not a home screen replacement. Instead, Conjure complements exist home screen by provid quickest launch experience possible. ͙ Requirement:Android 2.1 up ͙ 's t version: ͙ - By popular request, widgets! ͙ * Conjure Search Widget ͙ * Conjure Search & tory Widget (Requires Android 3.0+) ͙ - Improvements contact search. now View, l, SMS a contact. ͙ - Added a , optional, notification easily launch Conjure ͙ - Minor bug fixes ͙ Expect more great updates near fure! ͙ play store link: ͙ ͙ ͙ download link: Download Android Apk ͙Conjure v1.1.0 VIA Hotfile Download Android Apk ͙Conjure v1.1.0 VIA Mediafire

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