Android Apk ͙Smart Screen ON v1.6

͙ Description ͙ DESCRIPTION: ͙ Smart screen an innovative which turns proximity sensor into a por bton. If have a big phone no phi bton front(Galaxy Nexus example, turn turn off phone just t wav h (fer) proximity sensor. ͙ FEATURES: ͙ When change setngs, remember sav restarng us built specific bton. ͙ re are two mode available, both mode coexist: ͙ +WAVE MODE: ͙ Wave (move) h/fer proximity sensor, even with touch it. ͙ set amount of waves want use turn /off screen beten each wave. ͙ want wave h quickly slowly? ͙ +TAP SWIPE MODE: ͙ 1) Tap proximity sensor us fer; ͙ 2) Wait first vibration; ͙ 3) Swipe (remove) quickly fer, bee it vibrates second . ͙ set bee first second vibration. ͙ +DISABLE SENSOR ͙ also disable sensor after an amount of set panel. ͙ will disable whole proximity sensor after X of inactivity. ͙ +STATISTICS ͙ Statistics include: ͙ A)Smart Screen ONs; ͙ B)Smart Screen OFFs; ͙ C)Total por bton saves; ͙ D) por used by proximity sensor (which very very low). ͙ +START BOOT ͙ If check t, will start boot. ͙ +HIDE ICON ͙ If hide icon, could be instable could be killed by Android low memory conditions. ͙ +ENABLE TURN SCREEN OFF ͙ has created turn screen off, b I also ability turn screen off. ͙ +DISABLE WHEN LANDSCAPE ͙ sensor will stop work when landscape. ͙ +INCOMPATIBILITY ͙ -HTC Desire HD not compatible "wave mode" because its proximity sensor doesn't work it should. ͙ 's t version: ͙ [1.6] ͙ No more vibration dur a l. ͙ now disable 2nd tap swipe vibration. ͙ BETA: Turn phone light. It could work few phone. I experimental. ͙ play store: ͙ ͙ ͙ download: ͙ Download Android Apk ͙Smart Screen ON v1.6 VIA Hotfile Download Android Apk ͙Smart Screen ON v1.6 VIA Mediafire

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