Android Apk ͙Ice Rage v3.2

͙ ͙ A Tribe Hat Trick ͙ Ice Rage s classic 8-bit hockey experience 21st century! dare take John Gore, challenge friend most intense sle-device mulplayer 've ever experienced. ͙ re are tons of unique characters choose from! Try Ice Aces, amaz special characters such lightn fast Santa heavy-hitng Enviro-Bear. Team up crazy goalies Rudolph Red Wall, are sure get upper h. ͙ Music sound fx from audio designer of Alan Wake & Max Payne. ͙ FEATURES: ͙ ✔ Universal build ͙ ✔ Optimized run at 60 fps iPhone 4S, iPad 2 iPad ͙ ✔ Sle-device mulplayer 2 people ͙ ✔ Center online leaderboards ͙ ✔ Asome 3d graphics ͙ ✔ Customize matches ͙ ✔ Three difficules: easy, medium hard ͙ ✔ Rage-Off mulplayer mode: Destroy friend! ͙ ✔ Tournament mode: defeat legendary Skar? ͙ 's Version 3.2 ͙ UPDATE 8 S CASUAL -BTON PLAY SLE-PLAYER RAGE-OFF MODE!!! ͙ FEATURES: ͙ ✔ iOS 6 compatibility ͙ ✔ -bton play mode ͙ ✔ Sle-player Rage-Off mode ͙ ✔ Much improved AI Rage-Off mode ͙ ✔ Lumberjack icon ͙ ✔ Bold Canadian Lumberjack added Cat Pack ͙ ✔ Fixed font border render ͙ ͙ ͙ ͙ Download Android Apk ͙Ice Rage v3.2 VIA Hotfile Download Android Apk ͙Ice Rage v3.2 VIA Mediafire

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