Android Apk ͙Riptide GP v1.3.1

͙ ͙ Rev up supercharged jet ski take a wild ride through twist canals rivers, furistic citcapes, mterious research facilities. Skill, stunts, speed will be best allies grab massive air off huge waves, kick death-defy tricks, boost jet ski victory across a dynamic, ever-chang torrent of foam spray. ͙ Riptide GP features -realistic water phics gorgeous high-detail graphics...includ Rena support iPhone4S iPad! ͙ FEATURES: ͙ • Tear through 12 furistic water racewa ͙ • Unlock master 6 scream fast jet skis ͙ • 3 modes: Race, Hot Lap, Championship ͙ • Grab massive air perm dramatic stunts earn boost ͙ • Alter environment mid-race interactive triggers ͙ • OpenFeint Center enabled: Earn Achievements, post Leaderboards, (OF ) race against ' best split times ͙ • Created by Vector Unit, developers of Xbox 360 hit Hydro Thunder Hurricane ͙ 's Version 1.3.1 ͙ Fix occasional crash lication startup. ͙ ͙ ͙ Download Android Apk ͙Riptide GP v1.3.1 VIA Hotfile Download Android Apk ͙Riptide GP v1.3.1 VIA Mediafire

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